About us

About R Birojs

R Birojs is established by experts with over 20 years experience in the fields of accounting and logistics process automation, financial management, financial control and taxes.

Dzintra Renigere

Our leading expert Dzintra Renigere has an experience in financial management, business control, enterprise business process automation and accounting management. Dzintra has been  worked in international companies: Volvo Truck Latvia, Schneider Electric, Lexel, Ahlstorm and others.

Our specialists are with many years of business and accounting experience in various industries.

R Birojs mission

We help business managers to manage and control their business.

Our mission is to help business managers and owners to understand better their business, improve their company's cash flow and increase profits by applying modern online tools and "cloud" accounting technology.

Modern approach

R Birojs solution - it is a modern approach to remote financial and accounting services.

We use modern technologies and solutions, and our specialists are with many years of experience in accounting and financial management, using ERP system iScala and iNtra on-line software.

For better business control we organize real-time(daily), or weekly/monthly data processing cycle. At the customer's request  our people can make processing of source documents at the client's office.

Our Company has Professional indemnity liability insurance.


R Birojs goal.

Being a company's remote financial department.

Interaction with customers on a daily basis, providing prompt and professional assistance.

We provide high quality Accounting using the same work and communication principles as international companies.

Help to get apropriate financial information about our Customers' business on time, without spending money for expensive ERP system and IT equipment.

Timely taken decisions will increase your profits.

In five minutes or less a day, you will send us your documents, and from any place and at any time, you will see from where your money comes and where you're spending your money.

You'll better understand what are the results for each of your business type, or department, and it will allow you to make correct and timely decisions.